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The Power of Resilience

You will Thrive with proven Keys to Mindfulness, confidence, Joy, and Success


The Power of Resilience by Diana Morris

Do you believe that it is your time to live your dreams and have success? Have you had enough of your self- defeating thoughts and now desire to move forward past pain and roadblocks? Are you ready to build your confidence and joyfully say yes to the call that is on your life?


Let Diana Morris empower you to transform from the inside, build resilience and confidence so you can break through your limiting beliefs through faith without added stress or a lot of time.


Diana is an award- winning author, nurse, minister, and life coach for Christian women. But what many do not know is that she has also dealt with anxiety, self- doubt, and depression. In this book she will share life lessons, tools, and strategies that she and her clients use to excel beyond limiting beliefs to obtain and walk in The Power of Resilience!

Pre Order Your Autographed Copy Today So You Can:

  Leave the Pain Behind You and Press Forward to Your Dreams!

 Bounce Back from pain and Thrive with Joy!

Learn how to Conquer Fear with Faith!

Learn How to Transform, Grow, and Conquer.

Affirm Who You Unique Gift and Show up with Confidence.

And so much More!

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